Twin Day at Fraser Wood


Twin day is coming!!!! Leadership students hung up posters to remind students, two or more students dress up in matching outfits. So get matching clothes round up your friends and earn house points!! Twin day is on FRIDAY JANUARY 22.  Do you have the spirit? 




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Cardboard Arcade Fun Supports the Surrey Food Bank 

  On Monday, December 7th or Tuesday, December 8th, at 8:45- 11:35am, come to Division 2 & 3 students’ cardboard arcade.  It will be fun and there are lots of prizes to be won, up to 7 different Games to be played.  

We are being helpful too.  How you ask?  

Well,when you enter the arcade, bring some money donations or non-perishable food items to donate to the Surrey food bank! That ways. It’s fun and helpful!!!

Grade 6

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Cardboard Arcade Math Project in Division 2 & 3

This week, the grade 6s in my class and the grade 6s did a math project that was inspired by Caine’s Arcade. We got put in groups and then we started planning our arcade game! My group did a basketball arcade game! But we had to incorporate things like angles and place value somehow in our game, though.

 It was difficult at sometimes but after a while it wasn’t so hard. Other kids doing projects did other cool games like a claw machine, a skee-ball game, and even a pinball machine! And all that is made out of cardboard! We only had 1 week to build our game and most of it is already done! My group only has to make tickets! It was really fun making the game and I learned a lot! I learned about angles, place value, and how to work well with others!  We had lots of fun!
Happily, Natalie

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Wacky Wednesday Spirit Day – November 25th

The Leadership Team has our 2nd spirit day coming up. It is called Wacky Wednesday.  You can wear wacky clothes and you can do your hair wacky.  Participate, have fun and earn house points for your team.

– Sharn

Grade 7

Div. 1

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Fraser Wood Remembers – A Beautiful Assembly


The Wonderfull Art The kids at Fraser Wood Made


Today Fraser Wood has a Rememberance Day Assembly. This is a time where we respect the soldiers that fought in the world wars. Every class in the school made a wreath of poppies to honor the fallen soldiers.  To start the assembly we will sing our national anthem “O Canada.” After we heard the Montessori preschool classes recite a poem called “Little Poppy” and sing a song. We then heard the the primary classes preform songs in respect of the soldiers that fought in the war. The songs “More of Love,” “Give me My Freedom,” and so many more songs will be preformed. 

After the primary classes preformed their songs, we will listen to the grade 6s and 7s talk about the world wars and watch a very touching slideshow. 

And then we will listen to the grade 5s preform the poem,  “Flanders Fields.” 

Afterwards we took a moment of silence, to honour the soldiers that fought for us and our country. We then heard a beautiful performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” It was wonderful.  I think it is amazing how young children know how important it is to honour and respect the soldiers that fought for us. We then listened to the grade 7s and their little buddies recite the acronym, “WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER!” It was beautiful seeing how well kids of such different age work together. 

And last, we listened to a speech by a man who is a Chaplin in the Navy. It was great listening to the things a person does and learns in the Navy. As a Chaplin, you do tons of things.  You can be a writer, worker,  a driver at a machine, or you could be a counseler. He also told us about a ceremonial scarf they give you when you graduate. He also told us about how fortunate we are to have been born at a time when there was no war. We will also watch a video on the war and Rememberance Day. 

And what I think will be the complete last, the kindergarten class will sing one last song for Rememberance Day.
I really enjoyed our assembly.

Grade 6, Division 3 

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This is Peace by Divisions 5 & 6

Mrs.Martin’s class and Mrs.Gagel’s class were writing about what peace smelled like, tasted like, felt like, looked like and sounds like for Rememberance Day.

Written by: Chandon

 Here are some examples of what they said: 







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Fraser Wood Scares Hunger – October 26-30

Fraser Wood Leadership students are doing a Scare The Hunger coin and food drive this week in support of the Surrey Food Bank.  The Fraser Wood Leadership Team is doing a final big push tomorrow Friday, October 30th. On this day students can wear their mask free and weapon free costumes to school and bring a non-perishable food donation to support the Surrey Food Bank.

Check out below… If you dare… The Fraser Wood Leadership team’s trailer advertising our Scare Hunger Campaign:

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